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invest money

Mensagem por Admin em Qua Out 19, 2016 1:04 pm

An investment is a way of investing money alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group. These advantages include an ability to invest money.: hire Professional investment managers, which may potentially be able to offer better returns and more adequate risk management; benefit from economies of scale, i.e., lower transaction costs; increase the asset diversification to reduce some unsystematic risk. Terminology varies with country but investment are often referred to as investment pools, investment vehicles, investment schemes, managed funds, or simply funds. The regulatory term is undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities, or short collective investment undertaking (cf. Law). An investment may be held by the public, such as a mutual fund, exchange-traded fund, or closed-end fund,1 or it may be sold only in a private placement, such as a hedge fund or private equity fund.2 The term also includes specialized vehicles such as collective and common trust funds, which are unique bank-managed funds structured primarily to commingle assets from qualifying pension plans or trusts.3 7015

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